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  • prophetof anger

    So is media requests ever gonna be implemented in for youtube streamers? Becuase im a youtube streamer and I would love to be able to have my viewers request songs in my streams.

  • Sean

    No ETA yet but once a feature like that is available it will usually be posted in #announcements or #updates on our Discord: 

  • Didi Didit

    So is there a possibility to rout the songs to a another output device? Because I don't want to listen to music, just want my viewers to listen to it?

  • Sean

    You can use an audio mixer, you can even download virtual audio mixers, but it's 3rd party software so you'll need to research how to set it up, we don't support that

  • BC_Jamie

    I'm having trouble getting Media Requests working while using the Loyalty Points. It seems like anytime I try to configure it in a way that costs loyalty points to request a song my viewers are met with an error (Internal Server Error). It seems like anytime the "User Level Exemption" setting is set higher than "Everyone" this error occurs. This basically means that while we (as broadcasters) are able to set up a point cost for requesting a song, the Media Request service will only work if those settings are bypassed by all users. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • Sean

    Answered the question above on Zendesk Live Chat, we determined that the issue was likely caused by the request limit of 1 per user so I and the user decided to raise this limit

  • Kyle Burke

    Hey my media request is playing two audio tracks so i now hear the audio from the media twice in my headset. it also delays. is there any way to fix this?


  • Danny Ekins (EkinsTV)

    Did yo uever get a fix on that double playback, I encountered the same issue.

  • Chew 0n1t

    So when will Streamelements be telling it's users about the Copyright laws and how it affects streamers in this guide. As a streamer you can't just blast anything out over your stream if you want your content to be watchable later - correction, if you want people to hear audio on your recorded content and replay's later.

  • John Ellis

    How the hell do you link a playlist to be the backup list? I've tried and I've also tried linking multiple songs within the list itself as the backup. The instructions are extremely unclear here, they just say 'oh link a list' well I did and it doesn't play and I know how this sounds but I have a couple other friends who use stream elements and none of them can figure it out either, we all just have it blank so it goes to silence when the queue is empty.

  • Sean

    @John Ellis


    Use this link:

    You need to paste a link which tells it to play a song plus have the part after it which links the actual playlist

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