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  • Matthew “FlameDragonMatt” McGrath

    Does !watchtime count the total time including when you didnt have the bot in chat before?

  • Frederikhs1106

    No it doesn't. Only when the bot has been active :)

  • Sean

    You need to have Loyalty Enabled ticked in Loyalty Settings too

  • Dont read my picture

    My !addpoints command doesn't work, how do i get it to work?

  • Ruth Morgan Tarot

    I love the ! commands. But my chat is getting very cluttered with !this and !thats

    HOW do I hide the ! commands and still let them work?

    That would make this a perfect women.

  • Sean

    For the !addpoints command to work it needs to be enabled in Chat Commands.


    To hide commands from public pages tick the option 'Hide command from public pages' in the Advanced Settings when you edit a command

  • Dont read my picture

    How do i create the add points command from the start. (As a custom command)


    - I am trying to get it so that when i do a giveaway a winner is picked and i do as follows:

    - I can then type quickly in chat something like !addpoints user x

    (user being their twitch username, and x being the ammount of points)

    - Then it sends the user their points and updates the leaderboard. But also sends them a whisper saying "You have been rewarded with x points"


    Hope this is possible thanks in advance for replies.

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