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Activity Feed alerts for newer twitch events




  • thewidemurloc

    Likewise, It'd also be nice to be able to make alerts for them

  • pizzamark

    this is so easy to add, why is it not integrated already? all SE would have to do is listen to the eventsub for redemptions. which i assume they already do for other events. just add channel point redemptions…

  • blacksunshine_official

    Here to say the same thing - I just installed their plugin for OBS but frankly I'm not SUPER crazy about it.

  • Justin Gregory

    Hey murloc - apologies for the extreme delay in getting back to you. 

    I've sent yours and others feedback to our developers on this and they will look deeper into adding this request to our Activity Feed - along with the ability to create alerts for these Twitch events. 

    Thanks a ton for the request! 

  • Justin Gregory

    Hey murloc - good news! The Dev Team is investigating adding these events into our Activity Feed with our partners at Twitch. 

    No timeline of when it will be added, but it's in the works! 

    Thanks so much for reaching out and dropping us your request


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