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Serious sound notification problem (alerts and widgets)



  • Official comment
    Justin Gregory

    Hey SKY

    Thanks so much for the valuable feedback above & extra thanks for the detailed steps & images provided!

    We've passed your information over to the Dev Team member that handles the Elements Editor to investigate further. 

    Due to the holidays, it may be a little bit before we are able to get back to you, but a member of the team will investigate further. 

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day!

  • SKY

    This works in “overlay” inside the old version of “alert box”
    But even in the old version, first there is a wait for the alert sound and only then "text to speech"

    Text to speech activation delay

  • SKY

    i accidentally found a temporary solution (unfortunately this only works inside the widget if "providerId" is specified), you need to find heading "categoryId": "tip" in the code and find the word in this code block "Text-to-speech" and line "delaySeconds"
    View - JSON editor

    i hope you will soon add this text reading delay function to the notification widget creation menu
    or add a function - first an alert sounds and only then the robot speaks the text

  • SKY

    figured out how to save the "delaySeconds" setting
    the notification widget must be saved everywhere - "Designer", "JSON editor", "Simulate" (for some reason saving does not work for all menus), then click "Publish"
    how to check - code "" should sound in Simulate mode
    this is all temporary, I hope the developers will be able to solve the problem and we won’t have to dig into the code 

    Need to add your own delay or wait until the notification ends and only then should the bot read out the text of the message

  • Lynette BunBun

    I have found this also but found out a major bug when it comes to redeemable. I found a bug with the alerts where it uses the name of the redeemable in place of where the name of the chatter would be. Also, I would suggest making the redeemable have a drop-down to choose which one you would like it to trigger. I am struggling to get my redeemables to work. The editor for creating widgets also doesn't show up as redeemables on the stream, it either shows as an image that doesn't go away or doesn't trigger or doesn't have text. The editor also won't update the text color and won't show the image for the redeemable. i have tried contacting StreamLabs, but the contact form doesn't work, I can't click on submit. I'm in their discord but no responses. that discord is super dead.


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