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Weirdness with phantom viewers & loyalty points



  • Official comment
    Justin Gregory

    Hey Zarzoyed,

    Thanks for the feedback and apologies you're running into this issue. 

    We've passed your feedback over to our Dev Team to investigate further. 

    Thanks again and hope you have a good day!

  • Holdine Morgado (holhol)

    I got the same problema. I just reset all points from ghosts. All with 50k+ followers, sometimes they do a loop live, DM are blocked, chat also blocked, everything disabled, not a single information. 99.9999% bot feelings. lol


    I suggest you to remove their points. 

  • Zarzoyed

    Well from that I see some of them do chat in they own chats, but mostly just hosting other people and collecting subs and cheers while doing zero work themselves. Some of them have only donation panel or none at all. No streams of their own. And definitely not crediting channels they a hosting.

    This makes me think I'm doing Twitch wrong, since look at them just hosting other people's work, they have huge following, they are definitely affiliates at least, no work themselves, just profit. And here I am doing honest streams and mostly talking to myself each stream…. doing Tiktoks, Youtube shorts, also trying to post something interesting on Twitter and barely getting any followers or viewers (well I was only doing this for 2 weeks now but still…)

    Of course at this stage I'm not doing this to make money I'd like to make this hobby pay for itself but as it is right now its too far away from that.

  • Zarzoyed

    If they do this to small channels and make money. Imagine how much they make hosting bigger streamers like this…


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