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SE Widget Data Update for Multi-streaming


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  • Wito

    I don't think data structure changes in key names themself are required as there is a “provider” field in most of the “live” events, if anything for the “load” event it should be scoped into the “sub-objects” 

    data: {
        youtube: {
            [ACCOUNT_ID || ACCOUNT_NAME]: {


    Remaking how account connections work should be a priority now not the “Elements 2.0” because it could use this as well. 

    Currently, it's impossible to have events from different services on one overlay. 

    It just straight-up sucks. You guys already give us the ability to have all connected accounts in one place… The overlay should have the option to what sources to use when creating it with checkboxes and based on that it would connect to specific accounts. 


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